Dual-flush toilet repair kit Suitable for split type toilet (Two Piece Toilet)

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Good kit save your toilet life!
21cm/8.26inch flush toilet repair kit   Suitable for tank height 20-25cm/7.87-9.84inch
26cm/10.23inch flush toilet repair kit   Suitable for tank height 25-29cm/9.45-11.42inch
29cm/11.41inch flush toilet repair kit   Suitable for tank height 29-35cm/11.42-13.78inch
The Toilet fill valve
Type A: height adjust at 20-28cm  /  7.87-11.02 inch
Type B: height adjust at 28-34cm / 11.02-13.38 inch
2 size Fits for drain diameter 65-78mm/2.56-3.07inch 
The kit include 38mm button (for 38-45mm hole)
Please check the size and notice to me before buying. If you not ,we will send 26cm flush toilet repair kit!
Flush type:  half and full
Lifetime:above 100000 times
Made from high quality plastic and stainless steel, green environmental protection, durable and corrosion resistant.
Adjustable flush volumes on full and save water by reducing the amount of water used with each flush.
Half full, double drainage, to increases your toilet's efficiency.

Design with rubber gasket, no more leaking issue in toilets.

or all drainage you can adjust water in the water tank good sealing effect ,will not have leaking.
     this Kit only Suitable split type toilet tank! as the photo!